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Dear Rachel B and Rachel R,


You helped us make our bathroom and kitchen dreams come true!  Thanks so much for the expert advice you gave us and the wealth of knowledge you both had about your products!  You answered our questions (many!) and found answers when you didnít know and answer to one of our concerns.  You were both so much fun to and always friendly and willing to help.  We are telling everyone about Winnelson and the nice people who work there!


Jim and Gayle


June 18, 2013




I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for taking the time to help me with my faucet drama. With a 20 year old son at home that is eating me out of ďhouse and homeĒ it is really important to have a kitchen faucet that works. You were so nice to spend a great deal of time looking through your system to find my purchase which we found was way back in May of 2006. The crazy part was that you kind of remembered when I bought it and even remembered that I bought a bar sink at the same time. Impressive-What a memory!!


Itís not very often that I write messages like this but itís not very often that we get good (great) customer service these days. I really appreciate it. My dilemma turned out just fine. The manufacturer (Elkay) responded quickly to my email. It was very helpful that you found the po#. My part is covered by warranty and is in the mail. If we can figure out how to reattach the handle we will be in business soon.


Iíd also like to thank your co-workers for their time and help as well. The young man at the front desk didnít just say ďoh, sorry we donít carry that anymoreĒ but instead took the time to talk to you. And the lady that sits beside you dug right in to help search for my file. Thanks again!! Iíll be back to Wilder Winnelson soon. Iím itching for a project!

Best regards, Sandi

January 29, 2014


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